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From healing sticks to chili oil, take a look at our favorite CBD infused products available at all our stores.


Plant People Stay Sharp Capsules

Think your daily vitamins + CBD. The brain-boosting blend comes from high-performance hemp-derived CBD in capsules paired with adaptogenic herbs and nootropics that support cognitive function, memory, focus and over all health. We like to take it with our morning coffee and pretend we have superpowers.


We all have too many tabs open in our browsers and in our brains. Enter: Recess. Each can is a moment to reset and rebalance. It’s how you wish that 2pm coffee would make you feel. Schisandra for immunity, ginseng for focus, L-theanine to combat stress and hemp to keep you cool, calm and collected. We know, we think it's magic too.

Farm Shop Miracle Pet Relief

Anxious, arthritic and aging pets? Farm Shop has you covered. Their 600mg tincture specifically formulated for pets blends MCT oil with CBD to aid relieve stress, joint pain and general growing pains. They make dosing easy with 1mg per drop to find the perfect formula for your four-legged friends.

Wildflower Healing Stick

This highly concentrated CBD Healing Stick is formulated with therapeutic essential oils like arnica and wintergreen, which help to combat acute and stubborn pains and inflammations. We use this bad boy for anything from recovery after getting too competitive in our Barry's class to serious aches and pains from injuries and arthritis.

Potli Hemp Infused Chili Oil

It's perfect in salads, hummus, and noodle soups, or as a flavorful ingredient in any of your culinary creations to add a little spice while keeping it nice! Single serve with 10mg cbd - its the new hot sauce in your bag swag

Go Basic Edibles

These aren't your college pot brownies. The difference? They're legal, won't glue you to the couch and only have 1g of sugar. Go Basic blends 5mg of CBD with raw cacao, cacao butter, date paste and Himalayan sea salt for a clean (and calming) midday pick-me-up. The microdose in these edibles makes it perfect for anyone curious about introducing CBD into their wellness routine.